How to Mow Like a Pro

At The Wrench here in Greeley, CO, we strive to make sure you have only the best lawn care. Not only will we provide any mower repair or maintenance, but we will also share some tips for mowers looking their lawn looking sharp and fresh. These are just some of many mowing tips, but if you follow these, your lawn will look perfect in no time!

First things first, you need to know some basic tips to improve how you mow. It’s important that you don’t scalp your grass or cut it too short. This will weaken the grass and lead to soil exposure. Further damage can be caused if this is done repeatedly. This can be easily be solved by adjusting the height of your mower deck. It’s especially important to know when to let grass grow longer and when to cut it shorter. For instance, shorter grass is crucial in the winter to prevent snow mold from forming and harming the grass. Also remember to never mow when it’s wet. This often causes uneven cuts, wheels ruts, and the upheaval of grass. Although it’s common to start mowing when the sun is out and bright, it’s better to wait until your lawn is shaded. Mowing while the sun is shining down on the grass irritates the grass and makes it lose more water thus making it recover much slower.

  • ASE
  • B&W
  • BF Goodrich
  • BG
  • Blue Ox
  • Cummins
  • Duramax
  • Ford Power Stroke
  • Exide
  • Hunter Alignment
  • Michelin
  • Motorcraft
  • NAPA
  • Reese
  • RKI Truck
  • Stemco
  • Transfer Flow Tanks
  • Uniroyal