Exmark Radius Zero-Turn Mowers

Looking for a professional grade lawn mower with the right durability, comfort, and performance? The Wrench has got you covered with the Exmark Radius zero-turn lawn mower available in E-, S-, and X-Series.

This commercial grade mower contains an abundance of features and innovative technologies that allows any professional to maintain any landscape. Each Radius model is built specifically for durability and efficiency with a heavy-duty frame, mass centralization, and commercial engines. Radius offers decks of 48, 52, and 60 inches. The quality doesn’t stop there; Radius mowers include large front caster tires and rear drive tires to implement better traction, clearance, and stability. When you purchase your Exmark Radius mower, you are guaranteed Exmark’s signature quality and a mower suited for any professional landscaper or acreage owner. Need repairs to your Radius? Bring it to The Wrench in Greeley, CO to receive top mower service and maintenance with the right parts and prices.

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