ECHO Blower Model: PB2620

The Wrench is always looking for ways to make life simpler for our customers. For quick and easy yard work, ECHO’s 2620 handheld blower has got you covered. It is known to be ECHO’s best in class handheld blower and is loaded with a variety of professional features.

The 25.4 cc professional-grade engine and chrome-plated cylinder go hand in hand to provide you with the best performance for as long as you need. Variable cruise control allows the user to keep the throttle at a specific setting while in use. The tubes are versatile depending on what your needs are. You can choose between round and flared-end tubes. Also, this blower features a rubber grip as well as a secondary handle to increase comfort, reduce vibration, and provide further maneuverability. There are shoulder harness attachment points that allow the use of shoulder harnesses to help the user support the weight of the blower, these are sold separately but easily attach. The blower has an air volume of 456 CFM and a maximum air speed of 172 MPH to get the job done. If the ECHO 2620 handheld blower sounds like something you need, come by The Wrench in Greeley where we can get you the equipment and accessories you need.

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